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  • Stubbyz Pineapple Heads Stubby Cooler 2-Pack
  • Stubbyz Pineapple Heads Stubby Cooler 2-Pack
  • Stubbyz Pineapple Heads Stubby Cooler 2-Pack
  • Stubbyz Pineapple Heads Stubby Cooler 2-Pack
  • Stubbyz Pineapple Heads Stubby Cooler 2-Pack
  • Stubbyz Pineapple Heads Stubby Cooler 2-Pack
  • Stubbyz Pineapple Heads Stubby Cooler 2-Pack
  • Stubbyz Pineapple Heads Stubby Cooler 2-Pack

Stubbyz Pineapple Heads Stubby Cooler 2-Pack

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Introducing the Stubbyz Pineapple Heads Stubby Cooler 2-Pack, the perfect accessory for keeping your drinks chilled in style. Crafted by Australia's coolest stubby holder brand, Stubbyz, this innovative product combines functionality, design, and an unmistakable Aussie flair.

Certified Australian Made, you can trust that these stubby coolers are crafted with the highest quality materials, ensuring their durability and ability to withstand even the wildest adventures. Designed with a keen focus on the keywords of food, fruit, pineapple, and 2-pack, these coolers bring a vibrant and refreshing tropical vibe to any occasion.

Featuring a playful pineapple head design, these stubby coolers are a celebration of all things fruity and fun. The eye-catching graphics will surely stand out from the crowd, setting you apart as the life of the party. Whether you're by the beach, hosting a backyard barbecue, or simply enjoying a casual day out, these coolers add a touch of summery delight to any gathering.

Practical and versatile, the Stubbyz Pineapple Heads Stubby Cooler 2-Pack ensures your beverages stay refreshingly cold for longer. The high-quality neoprene material provides excellent insulation, preventing condensation and maintaining the perfect drinking temperature. Say goodbye to warm beverages and hello to the ultimate cooling companion!

The 2-pack format allows you to share the tropical vibes with a friend or double up the fun for yourself. These stubby coolers are compatible with most standard-sized bottles and cans, making them suitable for a wide range of drinks. Plus, their easy-grip technology ensures a comfortable and secure hold, avoiding any accidental slippage.

So, join the Stubbyz tribe and elevate your beverage game with the Pineapple Heads Stubby Cooler 2-Pack. Experience the perfect blend of functionality, fashion, and a distinct Australian charm. Wherever your adventures take you, ensure your drinks are kept cool and your style is on point with Stubbyz, Australia's leading stubby holder brand.

Standard or Slim Sizing?

Standard Stubbyz stubby coolers fit cans & bottles between 345ml - 375ml (12 oz.). Slim sized holders fit popular seltzer and mixed spirit cans & bottles between 275ml - 330ml (9 - 11 oz). Height is the same on both sizes. Most standard cans & bottles fit our standard coolers as the base is closed.

Outer Dimensions:

Standard - 3.15" W x 4.3" H (8 x 11 cm)
Slim - 2.75" W x 4.3" H (7 x 11 cm)

Stubbyz for Everyone

The original Stubbyz brand stubby coolers are perfect for standard cans & bottles, as well as slim cans, seltzer, and skinny European style bottles. A Stubbyz for all.

We offer both sizes.

Slim cans of wine, selzter and pre-mixed beverages have gained popularity in recent years. Some long-neck bottles and cans also have a reduced girth. With so many sizes of cans & bottles these days, the Stubbyz Standard size coolers will accomodate the majority and anything that is considered skinny might be better fitted in a slim cooler.

Bulk & Custom Options

Add some text or a logo to this design, another design or your own design. Design your own bulk & custom Stubbyz stubby holders and koozie style drink coolers! Bulk pricing - worldwide shipping. Perfect for businesses, breweries, retail stores, brands, weddings, parties, and promotional product use.

  • No over-locking

    Our stock lines are overlocked and we offer no over-locking on bulk and custom orders if desired. Suitable for promotional usage.

  • Over-locking

    Top over-locking provides longevity and durability in a stylish format. This is a Stubbyz standard on all stock lines, as well as most custom & bulk runs.

  • Binding

    The Stubbyz tape and binding are black as standard with additional colors available on bulk & custom orders. Our 4-stiched binding tape and over-locking is best-in-class.

  • Base

    Stock lines all have glued neoprene bases with interior printing. Bulk & custom orders can have bases or popular for festivals and concerts, baseless with or without bottom over-locking.

Stubbyz Pineapple Heads Stubby Cooler 2-Pack

Have fun with Stubbyz can & bottle coolers that help keep your beverages chilled and the good times rolling. With can and bottle cooler options for every style and size of vessel, we’ve got you covered for every occasion. The original drink cooler is the Australian stubby holder and Stubbyz pioneered the playful, coolest and funnest stubby holders on the planet. Stubbyz keeps your drinks cold and wet, is made of world-class insulation, and uses best-in-class materials.


In the US, the stubby holder is often referred to as a koozie. Stubbyz stubby holders got its groovy name from local Aussie beer that was traditionally sold in 375 mL (12.7 fl oz) bottles known as "stubbies" with a short & stubby appearance.

Keeping Your Drinks Colder

Stubby coolers are made from neoprene, which is also what wetsuits are made of. Neoprene is resistant to water and the sun’s UV rays. Super stretchy and fantastic to print on. The UV resistance and thermal insulation are actually what makes it the perfect material for cooling your stubby e.g. can or bottle - as it keeps your drink cold even in the sun.

Best-in-Class Materials

With top and bottom over-locking options, available with a glued base or baseless for festivals and concerts, as well as the finest multi-stitched side seam binding … Stubbyz brings a world-class drink cooler to the world.

Limitless Options to Customize

Stubbyz brings the coolest patterns and prints to your drinks. Sometimes you need to add a logo or personalize your drink coolers for a concert, festival or an event. Feel free and modify any of our stock print designs or fully customize your own. We produce our drink holders in every size and shape imaginable starting with popular large can and bottle sizes, as well as thin can or “seltzer” and “spritzer” styled tall cans.


Find the most frequently asked questions below.

We offer free Australian shipping on every AU order. Express shipping is also available. International shipping charges apply.

We ship from Melbourne, Australia.

Stubbyz are hand made in Melbourne, Australia. Materials may be imported.

No, koozies are a trademark in the US. Stubbyz are the original Austalian stubby holder.

You bet! Order custom Stubbyz from any product page or for more info. click here.

All stock Stubbyz are produced with a base and accomodate most sizes of cans and bottles. If the can or bottle is "normal" or "standard" size in girth, our standard size will be fine. Click here for more info.